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A Unique and Personal Approach to Career Managment

With in-house legal counsel and licensed agents Impact Sports Management offers players a full-service agency capable of representing players in all of their professional and off-the-pitch endeavors including locating interested clubs, arranging try-outs and trials with pro clubs, obtaining and evaluating competing offers, player management, contract negotiations, career development, obtaining and negotiating endorsements and sponsorship deals, merchandising and licensing deal partnerships, NIL deals, public relations and media management, financial services referrals, and legal representation.

Licensed Football Agent


Impact Sports Management (ISM) wants to shape the future of football together with our clients. For us, it’s all about fulfilling their dreams and visions. Clients = Family.

Our dedicated team ensures that our clients can fully focus on the hard work on the pitch.

We manage everything, from complex contract negotiations, individual development, mental health, and when requested, a client’s social media presence. We believe players are entitled to their maximum value.


ISM is about development. Our work is to educate football players to take control over their own performance and development to reach their full potential as players.

We do it through a tailored development platform based on player experience and individual needs.

We understand the challenges players face, and we are developing a methodology to maximize the results.


The key to healthy development and opportunity is who you know and who’s in your corner.

ISM wants to expand that opportunity for people by building a mentoring program inside our agency, having it serve as the go-to resource for every football player. This includes the opportunity to consult with financial advisers of their choice.


With our in-house branding and graphic design team, we want to offer our clients a modern way of creating unique brand development opportunities.

We manage and assist with regard to communications with the media and collaborations.

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Player & Coach Representation

What are your dreams within the game?


Whether it is to earn a transfer to a top club or to find the ideal developmental environment and pathway, Impact Sports Management is your trusted partner in creating a strategy to find the right fit.

Club Acquisition & Advisory Services

Our agency provides counsel and advisory services in the acquisition and sale of professional clubs. Always done in a discreet and efficient manner.

Career Development

Impact Sports Management creates a strategy through expertise and personal attention that allows our player or coach to prioritize training and match readiness knowing that sporting and financial results will fall into place.

Best Practices for Career Building

At Impact Sports Management, our comprehensive services include expert career guidance that extends well beyond just the pitch. We offer personalized advice to our clients that helps them make informed decisions, not just about their playing careers but also their post-playing career options. 






Operations Manager
Head Scout

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Eddie Hudson has taken an unconventional path to becoming a licensed football agent. With over 25 years as a practicing attorney, he wanted to make sure that his children were making good decisions with their respective soccer careers. One having already turned pro and the other playing NCAA Division 1 soccer, he wanted to assist them with future contracts and marketing opportunities. It is why all clients are treated like part of the family at Impact Sports Management.

Jackson is a graduate of the University of Michigan’s School of Sport Management. With both semi-pro and pro experience in the North American Market, he is an expert in scouting, player management, logistics, travel, working with corporate sponsors, and more.

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